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Claudia Carieri
04/09/2015 [Italy] [permalink]

Designer living and working in Milan.

Doretta Rinaldi
30/09/2014 [Italy] [permalink]

Freelance art director, graphic designer and illustrator. She offers design solutions for publishing, corporate communication, cultural events, signage systems by integrating print, digital media, illustration and graphic design, always with an extremely personal and ironic approach.

Eliana Dedda
03/03/2014 [Italy] [permalink]

Freelance graphic designer.

12/02/2014 [Italy] [permalink]

Freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Milan

Flavio Melchiorre
15/10/2013 [Italy] [permalink]

Italian artist, award-winning designer, illustrator, painter and founder of IDRO51 Creative Design Studio with a degrees in GraphicDesign and over ten years of experiences in typography, advertising and fashion industry.

Stefano Marra
17/09/2013 [Italy] [permalink]

Graphic designer and illustrator.

10/07/2013 [Italy] [permalink]

nju:comunicazione is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Italy. Fresh winners of the merit award at the 2013 Dieline Packaging Design Award.

Cristina Chiappini Design Studio
09/07/2013 [Italy] [permalink]

Visual comunication, event ed exhibition design, brand e corporate identity, editorial design e information design, web-design e interaction design, motion graphic.

Marco Goran Romano
18/06/2013 [Italy] [permalink]

A bullheaded and square trunked ugly customer. Flannel shirt, black jeans and shoes worn out by the street. He loves cold beer, pretzels and green olives. He comes from the sunny Apulian lands, although the sun makes him sweat. He collects mugs, felt-tip pens and black pocketbooks. He never stops drawing. He has a great pair of moustache!

06/06/2013 [Italy] [permalink]

Online portfolio.

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