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Luis Vaz
11/04/2017 [Portugal] [permalink]

Portfolio de Luis Vaz - Designer Grafico, Logotipos, Design Grafico, Web Design e Street Food Design em Portugal.

Bruno Viegas
17/03/2016 [Portugal] [permalink]

Graphic designer from Portugal, focused on branding, editorial design and web design.

Pablo Jurado Ruiz
10/11/2015 [Portugal] [permalink]

By means of a complex and highly detailed impressionist technique known as stippling, pointillism or the art of drawing and shading by using small dots of black ink Pablo Jurado Ruiz tells stories deeply rooted in his soul, metaphors of his own vital experience and his surroundings. His creative concept is mainly based on the human body furnished with keen and delicate details.

Sofia Peres
13/05/2015 [Portugal] [permalink]

Graphic designer from Porto, Portugal, interested in webdesign, branding, graphic design and design research.

Sergio Odeith
21/03/2015 [Portugal] [permalink]

Sergio has a special interest in perspective and shading, in an obscure style, which he later called sombre 3D, where the compositions, landscapes or portraits, messages or homages, stood out for their realism and technique.

Joao Neves
25/02/2015 [Portugal] [permalink]

Freelance designer.

18/05/2014 [Portugal] [permalink]

Vultorama is the collection of work from the Lisbon-based independent creative Rafael Matos da Silva. Defined by an holistic vision and a multidisciplinary approach while tailoring user experiences, developing interaction designs and thinking brands physical and digital life cohesively.

Patricia Mafra
17/10/2013 [Portugal] [permalink]

Portuguese illustrator and designer.

Brandia Central
06/07/2013 [Portugal] [permalink]

We are crazy about brands. The fact that our lead name is Brandia should tell you all you need to know about us. Brandia literally meansThe land of brands. At also means ...

Rui Almeida
01/05/2013 [Portugal] [permalink]

Graphic design portfolio.

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