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Ediz Pinar
07/12/2010 [Turkey] [permalink]

Istanbul based Ediz Pinar -Studio focuses on graphic design, art direction & identity; creates websites and various printed materials as final products with a compulsive typographic approach. This website showcases some commercial works plus a few non-profit projects from the years between 2003-2010.

Murat Pak
23/03/2010 [Turkey] [permalink]

Murat Pak is a freelance designer, director and digital artist with a quantitive background and great passion for music & "dreams". A passionate dreamer without boundaries; in love with creativity.

My Funky World
29/11/2008 [Turkey] [permalink]

A freelance interactive designer from Turkey.

Cengiz Bodur
19/11/2008 [Turkey] [permalink]

An illustrator and designer from Turkey.

digitalpark designstudio
08/10/2008 [Turkey] [permalink]

Istanbul based designer Serkan Bayburtlu shows his selected works...

Kerem Beyit
02/08/2008 [Turkey] [permalink]

Official web site of high skilled illustrator Kerem Beyit.

IDA - Industrial Digital Arts
20/06/2008 [Turkey] [permalink]

Ida is one of the most inspiring 3d animation and visualisation company in Turkey.

Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards
05/06/2008 [Turkey] [permalink]

A design evaluation system organized with the collaboration of Undersecretariate for Foreign Trade (DTM), Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and Industrial Designers Society of Turkey (ETMK), within the framework of TURQUALITY programme in order to reward good design in Turkey, which provides added value and competitive advantage to the products in local and international markets, and which respects users' needs.

10/04/2008 [Turkey] [permalink]

Design agency established in 2004 in Ankara.

Murat Armagan Design
24/11/2007 [Turkey] [permalink]

Istanbul-based company with the vision of innovative and bold product design that explores markets. Their process-approach allows strategic rethink of client's business problem and provides the best in product style, functionality and viability. Over 15 years of broadening experience in product and industrial design, prototyping and branding.

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